Real Time Antivirus Software

Cynate is an effective antivirus software that provides complete security to the computer system. It provides trustworthy protection against vicious codes designed to infect your computer. We have significantly developed our antivirus software to protect your system from virus and spyware attacks.


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  • Web Security

    Cynate antivirus shields against various malicious codes with integrated threat protection.

  • Safe Banking

    Keep your password and other confidential information secured in order to provide safe banking.

  • Improve Scan Engine

    Cynate detects and removes viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans from your PC.

  • PC 2 Mobile Scan

    Connect your smart phone to the PC or system via USB cable or Bluetooth to scan it completely.

  • Advanced Protection

    Cynate Antivirus solution has upgraded defense mechanism to offer advanced security.

  • Auto Database Update

    In-built automatic antivirus database update option to protect your PC against latest viruses.

Secure Your PC with Cynate

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