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About Us

Since the inception of Megma Soft antivirus, it has reached out to numerous customers providing real-time security from various online threats.

With a talented pool of 50+ skilled professionals having experience of many years in the security domain. With our antivirus software, we ensure that your PC is completely secure from various internet infections and other malicious threats. We offer scalable and cost-effective antivirus software to various industry domains. Our internet security product provide real-time protection against various online threats.

Various peculiarities of the Cynate Antivirus presents a parallel online and offline security to every computer system. The quick-to-install and Simple-to-use solution creates a user-friendly interface to use the antivirus software with ease. With Cynate antivirus in your computer system, you get real-time protection, safe banking, scheduled virus scan, PC tuner and web security to protect your PC against several cyber threats.

More About Us

Cynate is one of the fastest growing security software companies across the globe. The antivirus software protects the system against the viruses due its upgraded defense mechanism and provides the user with advanced security.

Company Overview

With the advent of the internet, the exceptional growth in the cyber threats has become a major problem worldwide. The advance internet infection is spreading in each and every segment and hence providing various online threats to exchange digital information. Cynate antivirus software provides core protection from numerous malicious threats including Trojan, worms, and spyware. The security software protects the data and PC against all online threats and automatically blocks the malicious websites. Cynate Antivirus provides enormous features to protect your computer system against these global threats. Some of them are listed below:


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