Terms Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Cynate notifies you that in certain program or product it may use data collection technology to collect some technical information (including suspect files), to improve the product, to adapt and to prevent the unlicensed and illegal use of the antivirus product or the damages resulting from the other products. You accept that Cynate may use such information to prevent and stop the malware programs running on your computer.

Legal Agreement

By accepting this Agreement, You acknowledge & agree that the security technology utilized can scan to detect the virus and to prevent the damages resulting from the virus products. You acknowledge and accept that Cynate may provide updates or additions to the program or product that automatically download to your computer. By admitting this Agreement, You agree to upload the executable files for the purpose of being scanned by the Cynate servers. Similarly, for the need of contracting and using the software, you may have to give Cynate certain personal data. Cynate informs you that it will treat your personal data by applicable current legislation and as established in its Privacy Policy.

Why We Collect Information

Right from time to time, the Software may collect certain information from the device on which it is installed that may include: URLs of websites visited, as well as Information on potential security risks that the Software deem potentially fraudulent. The URLs could contain individually identifiable information that a potentially fraudulent website is attempting to obtain without Your prior permission. Cynate collects this information for the purpose of evaluating and improving the ability of Cynate's product to detect malicious behavior, potentially fraudulent websites, and other Internet security risks. This information will not be correlated with any personally identifiable information.

DATA We Collect

Information contained in the email messages that you send through the Software to Cynate to report as spam or as mistakenly identified as spam. These email messages may contain individually identifiable information and will be sent to Cynate only by your permission, and will not be automatically sent. If you send any messages to Cynate, Cynate will use them only for the purpose of improving the detection ability of Cynate's antivirus technology. Cynate will not correlate these files with any other individually identifiable information.

E-mail Notification

Information contained in the report that You may decide to send through the Software to Cynate when the Software encounters a problem. The report includes data regarding the status of both the Software and Your computer at the time that the Antivirus Software encountered the problem. The status information about Your PC may include the system language, and the operating system version for Your PC, as well as the processes running, their status & performance information, and data from files & folders that were open at the time the Antivirus Software encountered the problem. The information could contain individually identifiable data if such information is incorporated in or is a part of the name of the files & folders open at the time the Antivirus Software encountered the problem. This information will be sent to Cynate only with Your permission, and will not be automatically sent. The information is received by Cynate for the purpose of correcting improving Cynate's product performance. This data will not be correlated the confronted problem and with any individually identifiable information.

The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer on which the Software is installed, as well as other general, product analysis, statistical information used for license administration, and for improving product functionality. This data will not be correlated with any individually identifiable information.

The mentioned details as set out above is necessary for the purpose of optimizing the functionality of Cynate products and may be transferred to the Cynate Group in the US or other countries that may have less data protection laws than the area in which You are resided (including the European Union), but Cynate has taken steps so that the collected details, if transferred, receives an adequate level of protection.

Our Rights

Cynate owns the right to cooperate with any authorized process and any law enforcement or other government inquiry associated to your use of this Software and Services. It means that Cynate may present records and information relevant to a court subpoena or a law enforcing or other government inquiry. To improve awareness, detection and prevention of Internet security risks, Cynate may give certain information with research organizations.

Cynate may also use statistics determined from the information to track and print reports on security risk trends. By using the product and Services, You acknowledge and agree that Cynate may store, transmit, collect, reveal and investigate such details for these purposes. You declare that all the data that you provide will be true and accurate and undertakes to inform Cynate of any modifications to said data. You have a right to object to the processing of any of his or her data that is not necessary for the accomplishment of the agreement and to its use for any purpose different than the maintenance of the contractual relation.

In case, you give the specifications of a third-party, Cynate will not be held guilty for complying with the laws of information and approval. Cynate's privacy policy assures you the freedom to locate, improve, reject and object to the processing of data by reporting Cynate through e-mail at info@cynate.com